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A private PG rated forum to share stories, pictures, and information about the animal we all love - the horse!
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 FAQ's in regard to this forum!

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FAQ's in regard to this forum! Empty
PostSubject: FAQ's in regard to this forum!   FAQ's in regard to this forum! Icon_minitimeWed 26 Aug - 5:19

We will add to this as we go along.. so it is a work in progress.. FAQ's in regard to this forum! 729171

1. A Guest asks why they can not see more then this area, and the Horses for Sale:

This is a private forum; in other words, you must be nominated by a member in good standing, apply, and be accepted, in order to read, write, and participate. It is this way so that our members can relax and enjoy the camaraderie of sharing photos, stories, and ideas with each other that privacy brings!

2. Avatars

This software does not automatically make your photos avatar size - so please try to make them as small as possible so that we can all enjoy your avatar photos and your posts as well. Wink

3. Avatar photos, siggys, etc.

Click on the yellow button marked Profile , and you will see a list of options by the blue bar on the top. Click on those to bring up pages that allow you to add an avatar photo, signature, friends, change passwords, etc. There is also a green FAQ button that helps answer a number of questions in regard to these areas. But if you still require some assistance, please PM me and I will be happy to help you.

4. Private Messages (PM's)

Private messages do have an automatic pop-up screen on this forum to let you know that you have mail. However, you need to go into your Profile area, mark the area for this with a yes and turn off you pop-up blocker.

If you don't do this, your cursor should still show a star when you have a new message, or you can run your mouse over the PM button to see if you have any PM's.. either way will work... FAQ's in regard to this forum! 512530

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FAQ's in regard to this forum!
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