A private PG rated forum to share stories, pictures, and information about the animal we all love - the horse!
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 Rules and Expectations

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PostSubject: Rules and Expectations   Tue 25 Aug - 8:15

This is a private invitation only forum for friends and friends of friends..... Please don't waste your time or mine by signing up UNLESS you have been invited by someone already a member on here, because you will not be activated.

The Rules of this forum are quite simple:

1. No cussin, spittin, or otherwise bad behavior. Translation: This is a PG rated forum, and those who can not abide by that rating will be run out of town.

2. No gouging, eye poking, or unnecessary rudeness.. Tipping your hat to your neighbor, helping to round up the cattle, or working together to bring in the harvest is the desired behavior here. Translation: Snarky, rude, unkind comments or behavior will NOT be tolerated. Those who can not behave will not just be run out of town; they will also be banned..

3. Horse theft is a hanging offense. Translation: Not only may you NOT post photos of anyone else's animals without their permission, you may NOT take photos, or anything else, from here to post elsewhere. This will result in time alone in the back forty, i.e. permanent removal from this board.

4. If you see a polecat, coyote, or other varmint, don't suck back, strike, or kick out - contact a Moderator or the Admin and let them deal with it. Translation: If you see an unacceptable post, or are the victim of rudeness, do not respond; let one of us know, and we will take care of it!

5. If you aren't interested in joining in the square dance (i.e. posting), your membership will be deactivated. This forum was created as an inter-active place for like minded adults - lurkers, therefore, are suspect , and will be treated as any potential bank robber casing out the town

6. You must be 18 to join this forum. There are a lot of forums for young wranglers out there - this one is only for adults!

7. Avatar photos and siggy lines must be PG rated; we don't want some little cowboy or cowgirl getting an eyeful of something they shouldn't be seeing or reading words or phrases they shouldn't be repeating. There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule!!!

8. This forum, with it's code of conduct based on mature behavior and mutual respect, won't be a fit for everyone; because of that, in order to join, you must first be nominated by a member in good standing. However, since we are basically a peaceful community, if you have a wanted poster elsewhere, you will not be welcome here..

Administrator and Moderator Decisions are final in all matters!

Please remember, the written word does not carry the same inflection as the spoken word - so read carefully what you write before you hit submit.

There are a multitude of tactful ways to say things, and that will be the only acceptable means to communicate on here. If you don't like a particular member, or what they post, you have the choice of riding away BEFORE engaging in a gun fight.

Live by that old tried and true adage: If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all!
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Rules and Expectations
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